Here are some informations about my present works ...

Band:  Fearless  (since 2015)

With Robert Steinhart (bass) and Horst Glöckner (drums) who are ex-Fear-members from way back in 1980-1982 just like me.

ProgRock-Fusion-Instrumentals that don't need no lyrics to reach you.

Video available on my YouTube-Channel: Girl on the Mountain

My Equipment:

Marshall Code 100 Head + 4x12 Marshall Code Box (Fearless)
Marshall Code 25 Combo (Home)

Fender Blackmore Signature Stratocaster
Washburn Force 30 (1983 Japan)
Ibanez RG 421 AHM
Epiphone Les Paul LS (DiMarzio powered)

EHX Ravish Sitar, EHX Chorus, EHX Phaser, Klon Centaur (Copy, gold, handwired)
Marshall Code programmable switch