Here are some informations about my present works ...

Band: "Fearless

With Robert Steinhart (bass) and Horst Gl√∂ckner (drums) who are - just like me - Ex-"Fear"-Members from way back in 1980-1982 (see more on past ).  Rock-Fusion-Instrumentals that don't need no lyrics to reach you.

YouTube Video "Girl on the Mountain"  click here

My Equipment:

Here's more about what I am using:

BluGuitar Amp1 by Thomas Blug


Custom-built Strat with SeymourDuncan Quarterpounder SingleCoils on neck and middle and a Litte59 on bridge.

Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2017

HB Floor-Tuner > EHX ToneCorset > TC El. Vortex > TC El. Afterglow > EHX NeoStone > JHS Moonshine V2 > Behringer DR400 (for SFX if needed).
(+HB Digital Delay in loop on amp).


Fearless: two 2x12" HB Celestion Vintage30 cabs (upright versions)

Home: 1x12" HB Celestion Vintage30 cab